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Lars' Corvette Page; The Yello` Thunder

Welcome to my web site!
Can you belive it!? First I get my own Corvette and then I even get my own web site!? ;-)))
Well; I sure hope you like it, and you`re welcome to send your comments about my site and the Yello` Thunder!


A little about the "Yello` Thunder"
Well; It all started around Christmas year 2000. I finally realized that Corvette was THE ONLY car that matters! ;-)))
My brother knew a norwegian guy (Mr. Oystein Fredriksen) living in Florida who finds and sells american cars to norwegians,
especially Corvettes. We took a phone call to hear what he had, and a few days later he called back. He had found an -86 Corvette that needed new paint, interiour,+++++. But the price was right, and he would restore and build the car just the way I wanted it. "Buy it!" was my answer!:-) I was now a Corvette owner.
After few days with different catalogs from Ecklers, ACI Mid America and others, I`d made up my mind of how my "Dream Machine" should look. New phone call to Florida. "I want the -96 front and rear bumper, an Greenwood Aero Kit, a High Rise hood and -96 Grand Sport wheels, and paint the car Competition Yellow!"
"OK, no problem" was the answer. ;-)
I wanted a "head turner", and as you can see on the pics; That`s exactely what I got!
MAN; AM I PROUD!? :-)))
I must admit that Stan Schwartz`s pics of his car; "The Pinapple Experss" and his wife Eeeee was a big inspiration! Thanks Stan! :-) Wanna check out his page try http://www.stanpix.com/ourvettes/wannarace.htm (copy & past)

A special thanks goes to Moss Trafikkstasjon, for being very kind and helpful during the process of getting norwegian license plates! :-)

If you wanna contact Mr. Fredriksen, please send a mail to info@corvettestore.no , or call +47 924 83386. He`s a nice guy! :-) Tell him that you found his work at this site!

The Engine
The engine "was" a 355 cid, originally from a -85 Corvette, with a 292 degree cam, forged pistons, Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold, Holley ProJection analog injection, headers, aluminium heads,++++++++.......
The experts says it would be about enough power! And you should hear the sound of it! It`s just amazing!!! BUT; now the engine is out and going thru a complete rebuilding that includs stroking to 383cid, +++++.....;-)

LATEST: The 383`` lasted just about a hundred miles. :-( No garantee, etc. = no money back. Nearly ended in a fistfight with the guy who did the job.

Now I`ve bought a BRAND NEW engine; check out photopage 3! Will add more photos when it`s in place! :-)))

The Body
This sexy Corvette has a Greenwood Aero Kit with the Signature rear wing, a High Rise hood,
-96 Front- and Rear Bumper, -96 side panels, european head- and tail lights, black-tinted
rear- and side windows. The color is Corvette Competition Yellow. And the emblems are C5-style! ;-)

The Wheels
Front: 9x17 -96 Grand Sport rims with 285/40/17
Rear: 11x17 -96 Grand Sport rims with 315/35/17.
All Goodyear Eagle GS-C.

Wanna check out my brother and his wife`s Vette? Click here!
They`re also norwegian and drives a real nice -69!